Oleg Kozak

Oleg Kozak, watercolor
Oleg Kozak is a painter from Lviv, Ukraine who paints bright, crisp watercolors of landscapes and portraits.

Throughout his landscapes runs a fascination with the play of light and shadow; with dappled light, in particular, theatrically spotlighting key elements while others recede into darkness.

I’m especially fond of his portrayals of smaller, more intimate portions of the landscape, in which he focusses on small areas of flowers or foliage, revealing them to be as rich and fascinating as any sweeping vista.

Kozak’s website is in Ukrainian, but easy enough to navigate. There are links to several galleries of watercolors in the right column, and links to related websites in the main column under the introductory image, including this Watercolor Blog article, in which you will find some of his images reproduced larger.

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