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Paul Bond, magic realism
Born in Guadalajara, Mexico and currently living in California, where he studied art, Paul Bond brings to his light-filled style of Magic Realism an obvious affection for the reality-teasing twists of Magritte, and a fascination with certain repeated themes.

In particular, he finds ongoing variations on the theme of piled rocks, rendered with a tactile sense of texture and form and with playful indications of scale and place.

Objects in Bond’s painted worlds often float, at once defying and defined by gravity, arranged in geometric swirls that suggest invisible physics in their apparent movement.

When viewing the galleries on Bond’s website, be aware of the second gallery page, accessed from a link at the top of the page. He also has a blog, and offers limited edition prints as well as a book collection and other printed items.

Bond’s work will be on view at the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts, July 5 – August 31, 2015.