Kazumasa Uchio

Kazumasa Uchio
Kazumasa Uchio is a Japanese concept artist and fantasy illustrator. Beyond that, I have little background information.

Uchio creates fascinatingly elaborate fantastic landscapes — full of curvilinear Art Nouveau inspired designs, glowing windows, luminescent plants and lots of other deliberate eye candy — inviting you to browse through them in a leisurely manner, as though a tourist, drifting through one of his fantasy worlds on a flying ship.

There are some fairly large images of his work that facilitate viewing his detailed approach on what I believe to be his official blog.

Unfortunately, the navigation is a bit awkward for those of us who don’t speak Japanese. Look for the sequence of yellow numbered links just under the main banner image, or at the bottom of each page, to browse back through posts in order. Browsing this way, you may need to be patient and persistent to get to some of the most interesting images.

Alternately, click on some of the links in the third section of the right hand column, which are categories. You can also try Google Translate.

You can also search Flickr, or search Google Images, or get a brief overview on this Russian blog post. (Those of you with accounts on Pinterest, Tumblr or Pixiv can also try there. I don’t link to sites that require membership to view the images.)


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  1. Hi, I’m good friends with Mr. Uchio’s wife and found your blog while looking for some biographical info about him for a project I’m working on. He is an extremely private person and there is little information about him online. He still lives and works in his rural hometown in Japan, but almost never exhibits here–most of his shows are in larger cities (Osaka, frequently). I have met him only once in the many years I’ve known his wife, but am a fan of his work of course. You’ve selected some fantastic pieces to highlight!

  2. Hi Andrea
    I would be interested in using one paining of Mr. Uchio for my new album cover, can you please help me figure out if that possible?
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you, Charley Parker, for posting these images. I’ve been seeing this artist’s work often lately and want to see more. Thank you for the links and tips also!

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