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Grzegorz Wrobel, watercolor architectural rendering
Grzegorz Wróbel is a Polish watercolorist who I first wrote about in 2010.

Wróbel’s background in architectural design gives his cityscapes and street scenes a feeling of effortless strength that belies the complex challenge of perspective and rendering they present.

He deftly steps between detail and suggestion, giving his compositions both a tactile immediacy and and a feeling of loose, painterly handling. Particularly effective is his use of light and shadow amid the architectural forms to give them dimension and presence.

His website is in Polish, but just use the drop-down menu under “Galeria” to browse galleries. Be aware that the Exhibition 2012 gallery has sub-galleries. In addition, there is a section of tutorials.

You can also find his work on his deviantART gallery, including a number of portraits, and on the site of Galeria Sztuki Napora.

For more, see my previous post on Grzegorz Wróbel.


4 responses to “Grzegorz Wróbel (update)”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    These are stunning. As an amateur watercolorist, I am blown away.

  2. I am so happy when I run across a building/landscape artist who brings something a little different to the table. Something that catches my twisted eye. Thanks again Charley.

  3. Mahée Ferlini Avatar
    Mahée Ferlini

    Wow! These paintings are unbelievable. They have so much detail and such remarkably straight lines. And to be done with watercolors, it’s amazing to see this level of expertise. Great review and thank you for sharing this collection!

  4. Wow. Beautiful, beautiful work. Unbelievably impressive.