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Jill CArver, landsape painting
Jill Carver is originally from the U.K., where she was a curatorial research assistant at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Since moving to the U.S. and transitioning into painting full time, she devotes herself to richly colored landscapes abstracted (in the best sense of that word, meaning to distill the essence) from the streams, fields and deserts of the American West. She now divides her time between Texas and Colorado.

Carver’s approach appears loose and open (belying what I assume is careful choice and application of color), that gives her work a feeling of dynamism. Areas of value pull your eye through her compositions, carved out (if you’ll excuse the expression) by geometric chunks of paint that define her forms and giver her spaces texture as well as volume.


2 responses to “Jill Carver”

  1. I love her work. I don’t think anyone would ever tire of looking at her paintings.

  2. I love her work as well! Particularly how she captures water!