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Jonathan Bartlett

Jonathan Bartlett, illustration
Jonathan Bartlett is a New York based illustrator, whose clients include Wired Magazine, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, Ralph Lauren, Tor Books, Penguin Random House and many others.

Bartlett’s approach involves a wonderfully effective combination of textural rendering and dramatic, theatrical lighting, along with a controlled use of color, in which certain colors — often reds — are held in reserve for key passage within the composition.

I particularly enjoy his works in which the majority of the composition is dark, punctuated with glowing areas of illumination.


4 responses to “Jonathan Bartlett”

  1. Fatastic! I’d not heard of him before this – do you know if he works in traditional media or digitally? Doesn’t seem to be explained on his website.

    1. I assumed digital, but I don’t actually know.

  2. This interview is from 2011, but for a question asked regarding traditional vs. digital, he wrote “I personally work with both together, back and forth; it’s a very incestuous relationship”:

    1. Thanks, MJ. Nice to know.