Jordi Lafebre

Jordi Lafebre, comics
Spanish comics artist and illustrator Jordi Lafebre works for both the Spanish and the Franco-Belgian comics audience, the latter being the largest in Europe.

He notably teamed with writer Zidrou for the highly regarded graphic albums Lydie (FR) and La Mondaine (FR) from French publisher Dargaud.

I particularly admire Lafebre’s succinct but visually charming rendition of the environments within which his characters play out their stories. His characters are likewise portrayed with verve, wit and engagingly emotional expressions.

Lafebre’s understated coloring allows the character of his drawing to enliven his panels. His wonderfully elegant and fluid inking style uses both brush and pen, augmented with a bit of marker.

I addition to his website, Lafebre has a blog. You may find some of the same images on both, but if you respond to his work as I did, you’ll go entirely through both and wind up wanting more.

Unfortunately, there are no English translations of his albums that I’m aware of, but the French and Spanish editions may be available; a few are listed on Amazon (if you can ignore the #@$&! Kindle Edition BS they keep shoving at you). I haven’t yet tried ordering directly from Dargaud or Lambiek. The U.S. resource I used to depend on for ordering European comics is no longer available; if I find a new one, I’ll try to add it to the post (suggestions welcome).

[Note: the linked sites contain some nudity and should be considered NSFW.]

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