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Eye Candy for Today: Monet’s Still Life with Flowers and Fruit

Still Life with Flowers and Fruit, Claude Monet
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit, Claude Monet

In the Getty Museum, also on Google Art Project and Wikimedia Commons (also here).

The Getty page offers a downloadble version that is very high resolution (60mb).

The Getty version seems unnecessarily dark to me (I haven’t found museums to be particularly reliable when it comes to the color balance of the online presentation of works from their collections); the Google Art Project version seems unnaturally bright. I haven’t seen the original, but based on other Monets I’ve seen, I suspect the balance is somewhere inbetween, and I’ve taken the liberty of adjusting my copy of the image correspondingly.

Monet’s still life paintings can be just as much a wonder of color and texture as his landscapes, and often reveal more about his handling of darker values. I particularly love the contrast in this piece between immediately juxtaposed areas of shadow and bright, direct light.

It’s interesting to compare this and other Monet still life paintings with those of Henri Fantin-Latour.