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Fenghua Zhong

Fenghua Zhong, concept
Fenghua Zhong is a Chinese concept artist and illustrator whose wild exaggerations of human and animal forms can be so over-the-top it sometimes takes a moment to focus on what is happening in his compositions, giving them something of a slow reveal.

His command of atmospheric perspective can give the staging of his figures a strong sense of distance and scale. Combined with the costume and trappings of ancient warriors, they evoke scenes of mythic character, with legendary heroes battling gods and monsters.

Zhong is associated with a Chinese online school called the E-art School of Design, presumably teaching his digital painting techniques. There is a process video here (possibly more to be found).


8 responses to “Fenghua Zhong”

  1. I adore your blog. I am always curious to know which medium is being used. Would it be possible to include it each time? Or most times?

  2. Sorry. Just saw this is digital art. But every once in a while, I am left wondering, I think. Now I have to wonder if I just need to learn to read more carefully!

    1. Usually, the media is described if it is something other than oil painting.

      It can be hard to tell in some cases; digital painting tools are capable of giving effective simulations of the behavior and appearance of traditional media. You can also assume, in many cases, that the medium is digital in applications like movie and gaming concept art, where speed of execution and the ability to revise and edit are paramount.

  3. As Miss Maggie is always curious to know which medium was used in the paintings I’m one who is curious what the measurements of some (not all) of them are. Thanks for reading my note.

    1. I will occasionally mention sizes when I think the size of a work is of particular interest (as in some of my “Eye Candy” posts), but I simply don’t have time to list them as a matter of course. Information on size and medium is usually available through the links I provide at the end of the posts to sources of larger images, both for contemporary and historic artists.

  4. Thanks, Charley.
    To spare you time, here’s a link to convert two ways.
    A small painting is referred to as a cabinet painting/picture.

  5. This guy has been blowing me away for quite awhile. Thanks for posting the work Charley.

  6. Charley, additional you can use the website –, for fast convertation of many units of length.