Rovina Cai

Rovina Cai, illustration
Australian illustrator Rovina Cai works primarily in graphite, defining her forms in curving linear textures that also sweep through atmospheric backgrounds.

Her frequently gothic-themed illustrations also can have color — sparingly applied either digitally or in watercolor, but with an eye to allowing the gestural qualities of her graphite drawing to come through.

The portfolio on her website is more extensive than it looks; many of the pieces are accompanied by multiple images that are large enough to appreciate her marvelous textural approach.

You can also find additional pieces on her Behance portfolio and deviantART gallery, as well as a selection of giclée prints on inPrint.

[Via Spectrum Fantastic]


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  1. Impressive works! Graphite is so versatile material in a talented hands. Her Iceland sketches are so mesmerizing and beautiful, especially that whale in the sky. Some works (particularly a piece titled “Tom, Thom”) remind me of Alfred Kubin.

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