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Trove of John Berkey Art

John Berkey
I’ve written previously about John Berkey, the terrific illustrator known primarily for his fantastic visions of space flight, science fiction and future worlds.

Most often, when you find references to Berkey’s work, it is to his famous and influential style of space art and science fiction. Most people, even those who are rightly impressed by berkey’s well-known work, aren’t aware of the breadth and stylistic range of his career as an illustrator.

Berkey collector and enthusiast Jim Pinkoski has long maintained a terrific blog devoted to John Berkey’s art, and more specifically, to the art that you rarely see — calendar illustrations, advertisements, posters, magazine covers and interior illustrations covering a wide variety of topics.

Pinkoski has apparently searched through magazines, poster sources, second hand shops, archives, art galleries and a number of other sources to find examples of Berkey’s art that are (unjustifiably) rarely, if ever, seen elsewhere. More importantly, he has had assistance from Demi Berkey, and direct access to John Berkey’s files for many of the pieces.

Pinkoski was the author of an article on John Berkey in issue #36 of Dan Zimmer’s Illustration magazine (long sold out, but maybe you can chance across a copy).

The topics on the blog are arranged in the right column, and the site is extensive, with over 1,700 images. Though most of the images are not large, Pinkoski often posts detail crops, and annotates the images with comments on the piece or general information about the artist’s history.

Berkey remains one of the most influential artists among contemporary illustrators of science fiction, space art and concept art. His range of subjects included history, western scenes, cars, ships, planes, hunting, fishing, nature — even romance novel covers — in addition to art for NASA and magazines like Popular Mechanics, Reader’s Digest and TV Guide.

The John Berkey Art site is a treat, and I look forward to its continued expansion.

(For more, including links to additional sources for images, see my 2010 update post on John Berkey.)


4 responses to “Trove of John Berkey Art”

  1. Jim Pinkoski has also created and shared his huge collection of Tom Lovell and Harry Anderson tearsheets, and he has compiled a detailed publication database for all these artists.

    1. Thanks, James. I found that I had linked to Pinkoski’s site in my 2013 post about Harry Anderson, but I didn’t make the connection! I also wasn’t cognizant of the section devoted to Lovell. Great to know!

      For the benefit of other readers, here is Pinkoski’s site devoted to the work of Harry Anderson, and the section for Tom Lovell.

  2. Brian Harrison Avatar
    Brian Harrison

    Thanks Charley,
    Wonderful collection of Berkey`s art, and I have been unaware of his much broader work, other than the famous space art !
    Better make a new brew of coffee before exploring the links 🙂

  3. Being a fan of Berkey’s work I will enjoy the blog, over 1,700 images WOW!
    I have a book and it shows much of his non-space work so I was aware but I know I will be treated to plenty I have never seen. And it is great to see more of his non-space work out there.
    I always think of both John Berkey and Syd Mead as being so influential in their space and sci-fi art. Concept art before there was a concept art field.
    Imaginative but real.