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Anna Mason is an English botanical illustrator and watercolor artist.

She often works at a relatively large scale, and her paintings have an appealing blend of detail, texture and color.

Mason is self-taught, and only 18 months after beginning botanical painting, won a Royal Horticulture Society medal for botanical arts for a sequence of 20 paintings of an apple tree branch progressing through the season from bud to blossom to fruit.

She now offers a course on watercolor painting, in which she introduces her techniques to others. She also has a book, The Modern Flower Painter (preview here), and a series of free instructional demos on her YouTube channel.

Her website is setup more as promotion for her classes and prints than as a showcase for her paintings, so you have to look for the link to “Portfolio” to actually view a selection of her work.

Some of her pieces are deliberately high-chroma and have something of a pop sensibility, but I prefer her more subdued and naturalistic representations of botanical forms.

(You may find older references to her work online under the name of “Anna Knights”.)


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  1. love the blog – and that I was just able to point a younger artist here as a great place to learn 🙂

    I just stumbled across this landscape painter – Daniel Grossmann – enjoy!

    1. Wonderful. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, ælle. I’ve added your link to the post.

  2. I happened app-on this site and love your work.