David Tutwiler

David Tutwiler, trains, landscape paintings
Though he paints landscapes and a variety of other subjects, Michigan based painter David Tutwiler has a particular focus on portraying classic steam trains.

These are shown in the context of landscapes, in historical scenes, in snow and fog, winter and summer.

In other hands, this might become a tired formula, but Tutwiler approaches it with such painterly verve and obvious love for his subjects that the results are fresh, lively and visually appealing.

At times, his paintings of trains, particularly in the contest of industrial settings, take on some of the delightful quality of classic mid-20th century magazine illustration.

David Tutwiler is married to painter Line’ Tutwiler, and they share a website. The site also features David Tutwiler’s Disney related paintings, as well as work of his that is in the Skywalker Ranch collection of George Lucas.


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