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Ivan Sulima

Ivan Sulima, childrens book illustration
Ivan Sulima is a Ukrainian illustrator who focuses on children’s book illustration.
Aside from that, there is little bio information on his website or Behance portfolio.

Among his projects is a free interactive iPad book titled Rolling Pea.


5 responses to “Ivan Sulima”

  1. There are stories in these images that need no words.

  2. You knew I would like this Charley. Wish there was some more info.

    1. Yes. So do I. Even with the internet, we still don’t hear as much as we might about eastern European illustrators and gallery artists. There also seems to be more of a language barrier than with western Europe and the US.

  3. Ivan = John
    Auto translated from Barabooka: Artist, designer, illustrator of children’s books. Born in Kiev in 1986 in a family of artists. John’s father and grandfather were well-known Ukrainian artists. He graduated from the Department schedules of the National Technical University “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

    Thesis John – illustrations of the Ukrainian folk tale “Kotyhoroshko” – the basis for interactive book of the same name that was published in publishing house “Pirates of the Kiev Sea”. Illustrated as individual tales and poems for publications “100 tales. Volume 3 “and” Favorite poetry. Volume 2 “for” A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA “,” interesting physics “Jacob Perelman.
    Hoping it helps.

  4. so beautiful