Albert Goodwin

Albert Goodwin, English painter oil and watercolor
Albert Goodwin was an English painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Goodwin started his artist career early, coming under the tutelage or Pre-Raphaelite painters Arthur Hughes and Ford Madox Brown at an early age, and exhibiting at the Royal Academy at the age of 15.

I his later career he was very influenced by JMW Turner, and his watercolors reflected a similar fascination with atmosphere and light as a subject in itself.

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  1. Nice to see Goodwin on this site … I can’t believe it’s been thirty years since I discovered him; kept my eye on him ever since. He seems to be one of those artists rather successfully influenced by the mighty JMW Turner; our own Thomas Moran being another. Thanks for emplacing him on your site.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Steven. Yes, both Goodwin and Moran took Turner’s influence and ran with it, creating their own direction from Turner’s groundwork. Both did fantastic work.

      For the benefit of other readers, here’s my post on Thomas Moran.

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