Tom Lovell (update)

Tom Lovell illustrations
Tom Lovell was a superb American illustrator who was active through much of the 20th century.

His style ranged from straightforward, classically delineated realism to dramatically composed pulp magazine action to the more graphically designed illustrations often associated with cutting edge mid-century styles.

Lovell was particularly influenced by his friend and fellow illustrator Harry Anderson, with whom he shared a studio early in his career

Since I first wrote about Lovell for Lines and Colors back in 2008, new resources for images of his work have become available, most notably a terrific collection over 200 of Lovell’s illustrations from all phases of his career put together by Jim Pinkoski.

This is maintained as part of Pinkoski’s even larger site on Harry Anderson, which I wrote about here; Pinkoski also maintains a site on work by John Berkey (my post here).

I’ve listed other resources for Lovell’s work below, including an excellent Flickr set and articles by the ever resourceful Leif Peng.

There is a book collection of Lovell’s work, The Art of Tom Lovell: An Invitation to History, that concentrates on the artist’s Western and Civil War work.

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  1. At an early age I used to copy those kind of illustrations from magazines, mostly Saturday Evening Post. Norman Rockwell was then my #1 favourite illustrator. The only one I knew by name.
    Thank you, Charley, also for the great ‘Illustrated and American Gallery’ link.

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