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Karen Hollingsworth at Principle Gallery, Charleston

Karen Hollingsworth, who I have written about previously for Lines and Colors, will have her latest series of paintings on display in a solo show at the Principle Gallery, Charleston, from April 1st – 30th, 2016.

Hollingsworth continues to explore several of her favored themes: sunlit rooms, their volume defined by both light and air; still life arrangements of simple objects like paper bags, set in dramatic chiaroscuro against apparently flat black backgrounds and accompanied by the inclusion of small birds; and more directly fantastical figurative subjects with suggestions of what might be mythic narrative.

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2 responses to “Karen Hollingsworth at Principle Gallery, Charleston”

  1. A bit of South Carolina locality and pride: those little birds are the very noisy and charming Carolina Wrens.

    1. Ah! Makes sense.