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Iryna Yermolova

Iryna Yermolova, still life and figures
Iryna Yermolova is a Ukrainian artist now based in the the UK. She primarily paints figures and still life. I find her loose, gestural style and rich color palette particularly appealing in the latter.

She often defines her forms in brusquely textural blocks and planes of color, giving her work a tactile, sculptural quality that is a nice complement to the sketch-like immediacy of her approach.


4 responses to “Iryna Yermolova”

  1. Powerful stuff from another artist I’ve never heard of.

    Thanks Charley.


    1. Thanks, Bill. My pleasure, as always.

  2. Özlem Güler Avatar
    Özlem Güler

    Beautiful use of contrast, and edges lost and found. My eye doesn’t want to stop wondering all over every painting.

  3. An expression of beauty, carefully choosen palette and great sense of spontaneity if I might suggest so. Great artist!!!