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Ian Ramsay, watercolor
Ian Ramsay was born in England, emigrated to the U.S. where he studied at the University of Utah, and now lives and works in Utah’s Salt Lake Valley.

Ramsay’s background in architecture shows in his confident handling of complex urban and architectural subjects. His strong draftstmanship also affords him the ability to work with loose applications of color in areas without losing the fundamental geometric strength of his compositions.

I particularly enjoy the textural aspect of his approach, and the play of light and dark in many of his scenes.

Ramsay’s work is featured in issue #23 of The Art of Watercolor, and in Watercolor Artist magazine this summer.


5 responses to “Ian Ramsay”

  1. great pics
    tnx for them
    i love the dark and light in them

  2. Wow…thanks for spotlighting this artist…his paintings are amazing!

    1. Always my pleasure to introduce people to terrific artists. Thanks for the comments.

  3. Martin Avatar

    He puts a lot of of stuff in these scenes, lots of elements but has the knack of keeping everything distinct and coherent. You could keep seeing new things in these over time.