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Marco Carloni, landscape paintings
Marco Carloni is a painter based in Rome, whose work is appealing because of his clear, direct observation, economical notation and sensitivity to subtle relationships of light and dark.

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Carloni worked for years as an illustrator, matte painter and 3D digital artist before transitioning back to traditional materials and plein air painting.

Carloni takes good advantage of the remarkable landscapes in and around Rome, often focusing on those remnants of ancient Rome that have fascinated many painters in the intervening centuries.

His website is in both Italian and English, and can be read like a blog or accessed like a website, with a dedicated section for landscapes. You can purchase his work directly through his Etsy shop.


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  1. oh ! great ! thanks a lot

  2. hi …Marco Carloni is really one of the best Italian artists…God bless him