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Josep M Solà

Josep M Sola, landscape paintings
Josep Maria Solà is a painter who lives and works in the Catalan region within Spain. His richly hued, often intricately detailed compositions emphasize the textural qualities of woods, fields, mountains and rocky gorges.

His points of view vary from intimate small scale views of creeks and glens to broad vistas of mountain ranges and open land.

On his website, you can view his gallery of images by topic, or view all. The site initially opens in Catalan, but can be switched to English, Castilian or French with links at the top.

In the Multimedia section, you can also find images of some of his painting materials and locations, as well as a few videos of his process.

I have not found any high-resolution images or Solà’s work, or had the pleasure of seeing any of his paintings in person, but I get the impression that the relatively small images on his website do not do them justice.

[Addendum: Damian Johnston has provided a link to a gallery site with larger images here, and joninfrance, having see some of Solà’s paintings in person, points out that though attention grabbing, they are not particularly large. See this post’s comments.]


11 responses to “Josep M Solà”

  1. This site has some large resolution images:

    1. Thanks, Damian.

  2. joninfrance Avatar

    Hi, Charley – I’ve seen his work ‘in the flesh” – in a gallery in St Remy de Provence (here in France). They weren’t large – but did grab my attention – so I knew who the artist was as soon as I saw your images. Keep up the great work! Jon

  3. joninfrance Avatar

    Thanks, Charley – gotta say – (like your post today on Bierstadt), this painter is notable for his incredible skills – total mastery and control – you just have to admire that! – whatever you feel about the artwork, the skill demands respect and admiration!

  4. Beth London Avatar
    Beth London

    He has a way with water!

  5. Great paintings !
    I love such paintings from nature

  6. James Ramsdell Avatar
    James Ramsdell

    After reading your comments on Sola’s work I’m scratching my head. You’re saying, he has some really great qualities in his paintings, but unfortunately they’re kinda small? Maybe you’re right though, for this style of landscape painting (with this amount of texture and detail) they would really work better as large paintings!

    1. I’m saying that the images of the paintings on his website are too small to see the detail in the paintings. Sorry for any confusion.

  7. Woooow!!
    So beautiful

  8. I’m saying that the images of the paintings!!!! I got confused when I saw the photos and I wanted to be there right now