Rudy Siswanto

Rudy Siswanto, concept art, illustration
Rudy Siswanto is a concept artist, character designer and illustrator based in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Many of his illustrations and character designs feature animals, some anthropomorphized, many variations of real animals and many others from the realm of pure fantasy.

I enjoy his feeling for texture, and the use of strategic lighting to emphasize the textural elements.

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  1. Why do you group all the images together into one big image? I can’t save them or search the web for them to find bigger versions. Can you post them all separately?

    1. I’m sorry, but this is the most efficient way for me to manage and post the images. Each post is already very time intensive. I always provide links to the artists’ websites and blogs from which the example images were taken.

      Those links are, in fact, the point of my posts. The intention is always to point you to the artists’ own websites to find more and larger images. You will find all of the images in this post in much larger versions in Siswanto’s ArtStation portfolio:

  2. I’m glad the other Beth asked, as I’ve wondered the same thing!. I love the top painting. Thanks Charley!

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