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Eye Candy for Today: Greuze’s Broken Vessel

The Broken Vessel (La Cruche cassee), Jean-Baptiste Greuze
The Broken Vessel (La Cruche cassée), Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Link is to downloadble large file on Wikimedia Commons, original is in the Louvre.

Though the actual meaning is open to interpretation, the general assumption is that the allegorical subject suggested by the gathered flower petals and broken vase is one of lost innocence and defloration.

Greuze has emphasized the young woman’s youth with the soft edges and delicate handling of her face and hands, contrasted with the more bold and painterly rendering of the vase, dress and flowers.

Somewhat lost here in the delicacy of the presentation is the strongly geometric draftsmanship evident in Greuze’s drawings and many of his portraits.


2 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Greuze’s Broken Vessel”

  1. OH yes, another skin favorite. Thanks!

  2. I love the contrast between the rendering of the skin and clothing, particularly in the hands.