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Hiroo Isono
Hiroo (Hirō) Isono was a Japanese painter and illustrator, known for his intricate and fantastical scenes of tropical jungles and animals. He traveled extensively in the South Pacific, Africa and North America.

He is known in gaming circles for his work on the Mana series of games, including Secret of Mana and Heroes of Mana.

Unfortunately, I can’t find anything in the way of an official site for Isono, so my links below are to other blog posts and articles about him that have larger images of his work than I’ve provided here. [Correction: Terry Miura has been kind enough to write with Isono’s official website.]

Readers with accounts on Pinterest or Tumblr may be able to find additional images; you might also try a Bing or Google image search.

[Via Kevin Hong]


6 responses to “Hiroo Isono”

    1. Wonderful. Thanks, Terry!

      [For the benefit of other readers, here is the website for painter Terry Miura, and my most recent post about his work (2011).]

  1. Your blog continues to be a delight. Long may it stay so!

  2. Interesting new discovery for me Charley. Saturated color palettes are not usually my fist choice but I need to see more of this. Thanks!

    1. Always glad to find a new one that interests you, Bill.