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Lisa Ericson, Mouserflies acrylic paintings, mice with butterfly wings
Portland, Oregon based painter Lisa Ericson draws on her background in illustration and graphic design to give her compositions a strong graphic punch, often setting high-value and high chroma subjects against deep black backgrounds.

The work currently showcased on her website highlights two particular themes involving juxtaposed hybrid animals — fish crossed with corals and/or anemones, and mice or other small rodents with the wings of butterflies, a series of which she calls “Mouserflies“.

There is at least one other animal hybrid, that suggests the possibility of previous series, but I don’t know if that’s the case.

The images on her site are linked to nice large versions that allow you to see her precise, but fluid and naturalistic rendering style. Ericson works primarily in acrylic on wood panel.

She also does children’s book illustration, and the site highlights a few titles, in particular those like Dill & Bizzy: An Odd Duck and a Strange BirdJa and Dill & Bizzy: Opposite Day (Amazon links) in which she illustrates stories by her sister, writer Nora Ericson.

In my customary search when writing about an artist, I came across a News page on her site that is not linked from the main menu. I don’t know if this is an oversight, of if it has been intentionally de-linked.

There is also a section for limited edition prints.

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