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Thomas Bossard, French painter, illustrator, muralist and stage set designer
Thomas Bossard is a French painter, illustrator, muralist and stage set designer.

His paintings have a lively, cartoon-like charm and wry humor that reminds me of idiosyncratic cartoonists and illustrators like Ronald Searle and Edward Sorel.

Bossard paints in oil on panel, and I find the surface texture of his approach contributes greatly to the visual charm of his work. I particularly enjoy those paintings in which he whimsically shows art patrons responding to or becoming involved in works of art in museums.

His website is in French, but is easy enough for non-French speakers to navigate. In hia gallery of paintings (Peintures), be aware that there are three galleries arranged by year and accessed from small easy to miss numerical links at the top of the page. Most of the art museum themed paintings I mention above are in the “2015” gallery.

You will also find a selection of drawings (Dessins), some of which are preliminary for paintings and some of which are independent.

[Via Yann Deshouliéres]