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Henry Herbert La Thangue

Henry Herbert La Thangue, 19th century English realist artist, figures in landscape
Henry Herbert La Thangue was an English painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

After studying at the Royal Academy in London, his work brought him attention and a scholarship to study with highly regarded French painter and teacher Jean-Léon Gérôme in Paris.

In spite of Gérôme’s conservative disapproval of the new outdoor painters, La Thangue became fascinated with the painters of the Barbizon School. He took up their practice of location painting and alla prima paint application as he painted on the Brittany coast in France and back in England.

He was also influenced by the painters of the Newlyn School, having met Stanhope Forbes and Frederick Goodall early in his college days.

La Tahngue is best known for his genre paintings of rural life and farm workers, some of which were large in scale.

He appears to have a particular fascination with dappled light in shadows, a characteristic of his work that I find particularly appealing.


4 responses to “Henry Herbert La Thangue”

  1. These are lovely. I love the dappled light too.
    Like so many Victorian-era paintings, almost every one of them tells a story: about marriage, work, gender roles, and especially class. In the old days you could “read” a painting like a novel. That whole storytelling aspect has mostly disappeared from fine art painting.

  2. Beth London Avatar
    Beth London

    Very nice. Thanks!

  3. I’m being ‘Picky,’ but … the Brittany Coast is in France. The Newlyn School (with a ‘y’) is/was on the Cornish Coast) of Britain.

    Great posting though Charley

    1. Thanks, John. I appreciate the “pickyness”, as I try to get these things right and I sometimes need all the help I can get (grin). I’ve edited the article.