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James Crandall

James Crandall, urban landscape
James Crandall is a California based artist who transitioned from a career in concept art for advertising and film into full time gallery painting.

His subjects are often urban landscape and everyday activities. Many of the European subjects are from his visits to his grandfather’s hometown of Lucca, Italy.

Crandall renders his compositions in blocky, geometric chunks of color that appear to be applied to the canvas more thinly than one might expect from the painterly appearance. A number of the images on his website are large enough for you to get a good look at his paint surface and application.

I particularly enjoy his images of fruit vendors and small markets, as well as his muted tones in streets and landscapes in shadow.


2 responses to “James Crandall”

  1. Yet another great talent – thanks for showcasing this guy.

    1. My pleasure, Mark. Thanks for the comment.