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John P. Lasater

John P. Lasater, landscape and still life painting
John P. Lasater IV is a contemporary American painter based in Arkansas. His paintings include landscape, still life and figurative subjects.

Lasater devotes a good deal of his time to plein air painting, and the freshness and immediacy of that practice carries over into his still life and studio landscape painting.

I particularly enjoy his control of edges and the way he makes what I assume are careful brushstrokes in his studio work look deceptively casual.

Lasater also paints plein air nocturnes, and there is an interview with him on In the Artist Studio in which he describes his equipment and approach.

The images on his website are sometime a little smaller than one might hope, given his interesting approach to paint application, but there are larger images on some of the galeries in which he is represented, like the New Masters Gallery. I’ve listed others below.

Lasater teaches workshops and has a new video: Painting Into Direct Sunlight (trailer here), that is available in both downloadable and DVD versions.