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Josh Keyes
Josh Keyes is an Oregon based painter whose themes include graffiti on objects where it would not normally appear, animals intersecting with civilization in thought provoking ways, and scenes in which nature is reclaiming what appears to be a recently post-human world.

The latter theme is sometimes expressed in compositions in which the elements have been squared off and isolated, as if a slice of his alternate reality had been carved out by a cosmic cookie cutter — producing a diorama-like object in which water is presented as a block.

In these he not only shows the works on civilization inundated by the kind of shallow but still disastrous levels predicted for seal level rise brought on climate shift, but also juxtaposes a variety of animals with human made artifacts. Sharks prowl beneath war monuments, alligators lurk next to cowboy memorials and seals cavort around submerged mail boxes.

You can find more of these among his older works in the Paintings: Gallery II section of his website. In additon to that and the Paintings: Gallery I section, there is an unfinished Gallery section with more images of his work.

Many of his works that show woodland elements are beautifully realized and can be appreciated just as landscape paintings, concept aside.

There is a brief interview with Keyes on Art Threat.

Keyes works in acrylic on wood panels. He is married to painter Lisa Ericson, who I profiled in 2016.



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  1. I really like these paintings, thanks for sharing.

    Probably not as you intended, but I find the phrase “disastrous levels predicted for seal level rise brought on climate shift” seems to suit the subject matter.