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Eye Candy for Today: Juan de Espinosa still life

Still Life with Grapes, Apples and Plums, Juan de Espinosa
Still Life with Grapes, Apples and Plums, Juan de Espinosa

In the collection of the Museo del Prado, which offers a downloadable as well as zoomable version of the image. There is also a somewhat larger downloadable version of the image on Wikimedia Commons, but I think the color on the museum’s image is likely more true.

A beautifully sensitive still life by a 17th century Spanish master. I love the contrasting colors of the different varieties of grapes, particularly the light colored ones in the foreground that seem almost luminous.

I have to wonder, though, if that is their true intended color, or if they may have originally have been differently tinted by a glaze with a fugitive pigment. The museum’s page doesn’t comment on it, but I’ve never seen grapes of that color. Maybe they have them in Spain.


7 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Juan de Espinosa still life”

  1. Yes, they have grapes of that color

    1. Good to know. Thanks, Pablo.

  2. I find the painter’s name confusing since there have been more than one with similar names, it appears.
    Grape (or fruit) paintings are known to conceal religeous symbolism as is explained by E. de Jongh. She compares a symbol with the word emblem.
    Another link encourages to the healing powers of grapes.
    Today we are proud to be presented with moon drops and witch fingers grapes to paint our still lifes.

    1. Thanks, fot the links, Ælle.

  3. Martin Hoade Avatar
    Martin Hoade

    A tyrant, this one. His blatant and ruthless fading gives us no choice, we must look where he wills us. He rewards us with that powerful and lovely luminosity.

    1. Nice way to to put it. Thanks, Martin.

  4. The second image shows Prunus domestica, a typical European plum, ‘Reine Claude d’Oullins’.