Konstantin Bogaevsky

Konstantin Bogaevsky, Symbolist landscapes
Generally classified as a Symbolist, Konstantin Fedorovich Bogaevsky was a Ukrainian painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

He studied at the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts, where his instructors included Arkhip Kuindzhi — a highly regarded Ukrainian landscape painter and a member of the Peredvizhniki who defended Bogaevsky from factions at the Academy who felt Bogaevsky’s work inappropriate and beneath their standards.

Bogaevsky gained acceptance in the larger world of Ukrainian and Russian arts, and he became a noted Symbolist painter.

Influenced by the Romantic French landscapes of Claude Lorraine and the stony, monumental backgrounds of Andrea Mantegna, Bogaevsky painted landscapes both of his native Crimea and of a fanciful dreamworld his friends called “Bogaevia”.