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Marie Egner, Austrian painter, still life, florals, landsapes
Marie Egner was an Austrian painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries who focused largely on floral still life and landscapes that often incorporated floral subjects along with architectural elements and woodland scenes.

Egner was adept with both oil and watercolor, her approach in both mediums combining bold statements with passages of great delicacy.


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  1. In 1885 a Society of 50 female writers and artists was founded in Vienna to protect them; Der Verein der Schriftstellerinnen und Künstlerinnen in Wien (1885 – !938). It was actually a self-help organization.
    Five decades later when 160 members, who were journalists, painters, sculptors and musicians joined the club it was forcibly dissolved by the national socialists/ Nazi’s in 1938. Marie Egner was one of the artists.

  2. Martin Hoade Avatar
    Martin Hoade

    These are lovely. She has a strong but quiet and graceful style, not pushy and not a signature. She just shows the world she sees and stands back, confident in the power of it’s beauty.