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Charles Conder

Charles Conder
Born in England, Charles Conder spent a significant part of his career in Australia, where he became integral to the Heidelberg School of Australian art, becoming friends with notable figures like Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts, and sharing a studio with the latter.

Conder spent the latter part of his career in Europe, where he lived mostliy in England, but moved in Paris circles with artists like Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, and painted in the countryside around Dieppe, where he became friends with Norwegian landscape painter Frits Thaulow.

If you look through images of Conder’s work on the web, you’ll find a lot of his more decorative work, with silk paintings and decorative fans, featuring stylized figures and what appear to be theatrical settings. I have to say I’m not fond of these, but his landscapes, by contrast, can be quite wonderful.

I’ve obviously featured examples of his work that I like here.