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Mark Reep, imaginary landscape drawings in pencil ink and charcoal
Mark Reep is an artist based near Pittsburgh who I first profiled back in 2006. His dreamlike, enigmatic imaginary landscapes are rendered monochromatically in graphite, charcoal and ink.

His monochromatic approach seems to heighten the sense of mystery, as textural rock faces, towers and islands emerge from mist and fog, their exact boundaries obscured.

His isolated towers of rock, jutting up from valleys lost in mist, predate similar imagery from the movie Avatar by many years.

I particularly admire the geometric strength of his compositions, in which negative space often plays a prominent role.

There is an interview with Reep in the Strathmore Artist Papers site from February.

Reep’s blog, which he titles dreams in black and white, sometimes has larger reproductions of his drawings than his website.

Thare are prints and other items featuring Reep’s drawings and photographs on Fine Art America and RedBubble, and originals on West End Gallery.

dreams in black and white, blog

Fine Art America (giclee prints and other items)

RedBubble (prints)

West End Gallery, originals


ArtStation (not very active yet)

My previous post on Mark Reep (2006)


4 responses to “Mark Reep (update)”

  1. Nice.
    Reminds me of some of Chris Van Allsburg’s works in a way. Maybe the textures and illustrative nature of the images.


  2. Sherrill Avatar

    Wow! These are awesome! I love the atmospheric effects!

  3. I’m born with a pencil in my hand. I did lots of sketching. ~ ~ Karl Lagerfeld

    And I love pencils. One can also write with them.
    ~ Ælle