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Hugo Puzzuoli

Hugo Puzzuoli, concept art
Hugo Puzzuoli is a concept artist who is originally from France, and now based in Quebec City, Canada.

His blog features some of his professional work, such as his concepts for Assasin’s Creed Syndicate, and his Artstation portfolio features more of his personal projects.

In his personal work, Puzzuoli often takes bright, appealingly graphic approach in his digital painting, with carefully controlled value relationships and bright punctuations of high-chroma color among more muted passages.

You can also find some digital painting studies of faces and natural settings.

[Via Paolo Rivera]


2 responses to “Hugo Puzzuoli”

  1. And we are really lucky to have him teach our students in the Bachelor of Art and Science of Animation program at Laval University in Quebec City.

  2. Andrew Davies Gans Avatar
    Andrew Davies Gans

    Are you available for a comic book? What are your rates? Your work is beautiful!