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Denis Sarazhin (update)

Denis Sarazhin, Ukrainian painter
Denis Sarazhin is a Ukrainian painter I first wrote about in 2015.

His approach to painting plays with color and texture in ways that are visually captivating. Since my last writing, in which I particularly admired his still life subjects, Sarazhin has moved into a concentration on figurative work.

However, he often appears to treat his figures, or parts of them, almost like still life objects or sculptural elements — setting them in tableaux and cascading vertical arrangements that defy gravity in their placement in space, or in sequences that suggest the rapid passage of time.

Denis Sarazhin’s latest work is currently on display in a solo show at Arcadia Contemporary in Culver City, CA. “Dennis Sarazhin — New Paintings” is on view until December 31, 2017.

Unfortunately, the new Arcadia website, though improved in some ways, has inexplicably reduced the size of the images of artists’ work. In Sarazhin’s case, this is particularly disadvantageous, as it make is difficult to see the textural aspect of his paintings, which is a strong part of what makes them so appealing. You can find larger images on Sarazhin’s own website.


2 responses to “Denis Sarazhin (update)”

  1. The color and stiffness of the pose is very reminiscent of Egon Schiele’s treatment of the human figure in his paintings.

    1. Thanks, Richard. Yes, I agree with the apparent Schiele influence.