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Phillip R. Jackson

Phillip R. Jackson, still life painting
Phillip Jackson is a still life painter based in Mississippi, where he is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

Among other training, Jackson studied with painting professor Dennis Wojtkiewicz at Bowling Green State University. (See my previous posts on Dennis Wojtkiewicz.)

Some of Jackson’s paintings take a straightforward but incisive approach to the representation of still life subjects; others have a mysterious, ephemeral quality, conveyed by his use of translucent layering and reflections.

In these, he seems to suggest layers of time, as though his subjects had been changed over time and his painting captured the changes.

In both approaches, he has a keen fascination with form as revealed by light, often dramatically horizontal and casting long shadows across reflective surfaces.

There is an interview from 2016 with Jackson on Huffington Post, and another from 2007 on Artists Network.

Portfolio & Bio at University of Mississippi in Oxford

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  1. Imho, the beauty is in/ without the background.

  2. Lovely work by Jackson, and you did a nice job of presenting!