Alex Callaway

Alex Callaway, still life
Alex Callaway is a UK based artist whose work encompasses pop surrealism, illustration, landscape and portraits. However, on his personal website, Callaway focuses on his still life paintings.

These are of simple, commonplace still life subjects, and are painted with finesse and a sense of keen observation of light and texture, giving them a contemplative quality and inviting the viewer to slow down and appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Calloway’s work will be on display as part of the Royal Society of British Artists’ 2018 Annual Exhibition at Mall Galleries, 21-31 March 2018.

4 Replies to “Alex Callaway”

  1. I love these. Of course posting food art is always risky because when they are good you leave your readers mouths watering and if we don’t have on hand?
    In addition to your observations I see a certain animated quality in them. Not sure if the artist intended so but there is an underlying movement or gesture to them that contradicts and goes beyond ‘still life’ and I don’t necessarily mean all energetic. Some have gentle movement.
    The third down, “Buttercups” with the energetic wood grain, and its reflection in the water is one. The second down, “Apple on a Brick” seems to almost hover above or separate from the brick.
    I even appreciate his hard/soft edge approach of “Apple on a Brick” and the bottom one, “Clementine on a Plinth” where the harder material of brick and plinth are given the softer treatment and its organic subject is harder edged.
    I won’t even get into how much I love sweet clementines with their loosely wrapped easy to separate peels. Glad I have some now, must run to the kitchen… thanks Charley!

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