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Eye Candy for Today: View of Naples by Antonino Leto

View of Naples by Antonino Leto
Naples, Antonino Leto

Link is to Wikimedia Commons page that has a link to a large image; original is in a private collection.

Leto’s view of the Bay of Naples and a smoky Mt. Vesuvius is a study in atmospheric effects. I love the difference between the intensity of the color in the foreground water and the soft graduated atmosphere that ranges from the base to the peak of the volcano.


4 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: View of Naples by Antonino Leto”

  1. Goethe writes: : “Vedi Napoli et poi muori”.

    If you’re in the city of Naples, you might notice something different about your water come Monday.
    Starting July 16 through August 13, the water department will disinfect the water using free chlorine.

    Paintings #2 (Incidente a mezzogiorno) and #5 ( Saline Trapani) are also Leto’s, exhibited, October 2014 – january 2015, in Palermo (“Di là del faro. Paesaggi e pittori siciliani dell’Ottocento” ) together with more than 100 landscape paintings produced by Sicilian painters or who were active in Sicily.

  2. I can feel the humidity looking at that painting!


  3. Another view of Naples by Antonino Leto you see here:

    The point of view is nearly the same.

    1. Thanks, Georg.
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