Deborah Paris

Deborah Paris landscape paintings
Deborah Paris landscape paintings

Deborah Paris it a painter based in Texas who works in a tonalist manner — with controlled palettes, restrained values and soft edges — though she sometimes incorporates more directly naturalistic elements and occasionally works with a brighter palette.

Her favored subjects are woodlands, streams and fields, painted with a sensitive eye to mood, atmosphere and the power of visual suggestion.

Paris offers online instruction in painting through a separate dedicated Landscape Atelier website along with painter Robert Wellings, who also works in a tonalist manner. They offer online classes, private lessons, critiques and mentorship.

In addition, Paris is the author of a recently published book, Painting the Woods: Nature, Memory and Metaphor that is both a personal account of her experiences while spending a year in Lennox Woods in northeast Texas and her creative process while painting the landscape there. ( link, Amazon link).

Also available is a book from 2014, Deborah Paris: Lennox Woods – The Ancient Forest that is also about those experiences but was apparently authored by other writers. ( link, Amazon link)

Under the “Blog” navigation link on her website, you will find three blogs; one current, one archived and one devoted to the teaching atelier.

There is an interview with Paris as part of the Savvy Painter podcast.