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Julia Hill

Julia Hill pen and ink
Julia Hill pen and ink

Julia Hill is an illustrator based in Devon, England who works primarily in pen and ink, using fine-line markers. Her main subject is animals, both domestic and small wild. She also indulges in whimsical fantasy illustrations with animals in human clothing and situations.

Her website is basically her store, so her primary online gallery appears to be her space on DoodleAddicts.

Some of the entries on the DoodleAddicts site include process step-throughs, and more information about her choice of pens and paper. She works with a lot of fine hatching to create tones and textures.

The DoodleAddicts website also offers a short interview with the artist, in which she also talks about her materials.

Etsy UK

Interview on DoodleAddicts


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  1. Hi. Thank you for the blog post! The information you have added however isn’t correct and offers links to sites that no longer exsist?

    1. Julia, Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry if I got any of the information wrong. I added the link in your comment as the first one in the post. The others seem to be functional. Please let me know if you would like anything specifically changed or deleted.