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Not the usual Van Goghs #5

Not the Usual Van Gogh's
Not the Usual Van Gogh's

As I’ve pointed out in four previous posts — browsing through books, selections of prints or posters, and even some museum exhibitions, can give you the impression that Van Gogh’s oeuvre was somewhat limited, when nothing could be further from the facts.

What you find is repetitions of his “greatest hits”. This is an unfortunate characteristic of our popularity focused culture, and applies to other artists as well.

Vincent van Gogh was astonishingly prolific, particularly considering that his active time as a painter was only about ten years.

Here are some more paintings by the Dutch artist that are not often seen.

You can find many more at some of the links provided below.(Timesink warning!)


2 responses to “Not the usual Van Goghs #5”

  1. “Not the usual Van Goghs”, or “How to blow three hours”.

    My god, he SAW so much.

    1. Yeah. I forgot to add my timesink warning. I’ve added one.