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Rosie Sanders, botanical art watercolors

Rosie Sanders, botanical art watercolors

Rosie Sanders is a contemporary botanical artists whose large scale watercolor paintings of floral and other plant subjects are also in the realm of gallery art.

Though she uses the kind of painstakingly detailed watercolor technique that is not uncommon among botanical artists, I think the scale of her paintings is unusual.

You can get an idea of the scale in some of the YouTube videos that feature Sanders and her work.

Sanders’ website features a gallery of her watercolor paintings. These are reproduced large enough to get a feeling for the level of accuracy with which she approaches her subjects, while still maintining a gallery artist’s sense of composition and visual drama.

Her work has been fetured in several books, notably a collection titled Rosie Sanders’ Flowers: A celebration of botanical art, another titled Rosie Sanders’ Roses: A celebration in botanical art and The Apple Book (Amazon affiliate links). There is a YouTube review of Rosie Sanders’ Flowers here.

This YouTube video features Sanders displaying some of her paintings and discussing her inspiration, and this one continues with some insight into her watercolor process. There is another devoted to her work on The Apple Book.

Her website also features a Shop in which prints, postcards and original watercolor sketches are available.