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Joke Frima
Joke Frima

Joke Frima is a painter originally from the Netherlands now working and living in France. Her highly refined paintings often are of close views of fruits, flowers, gourds and other plants in their natural state, sort of intimate landscapes or living still life.

She also paints more formal still life subjects as well as more traditional landscapes. Her website features galleries of recent work, drawings, and archives of a number of subjects. The basic site is in Dutch, but you can choose a language from the drop-down at upper right of the page.

I’m not certain how her first name is pronounced, but my best guess would be somethng like “yo-kay”. In addition to her website, her work is featured on the Art Renewal Center website as one of their “Living Master” artists.


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  1. Alan Bradford Avatar
    Alan Bradford

    Exquisite. Gorgeous colour and beautiful compisitions