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I was asked to be the “Category Expert Writer” for a period of several months in 2013-2014, writing articles for the category of Painting:

These were my contributions.

February 2014

An Introduction to Plein Air Painting
Beautiful Highlights from the History of Landscape Painting
Make Painting Easier by Using the Sight-size Method
Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night
What are Glazing and Scumbling in Painting?

January 2014

An Introduction to Gouache: The surprising Versatility of Opaque Watercolor
John Singer Sargent’s “Portrait of Madame X”: Masterpiece and Scandal
Beautiful Highlights from the History of Watercolor Painting
Notable American Impressionist Painters
The Different Kinds of Oil Used in Oil Painting
Mary Cassatt: Impressionist Painter of Family Life

December 2013

Visual Aids for Painting
Gustave Courbet: Rebellious Painter of Realism
Choosing Brushes for Oil Painting
Painting a Series of the Same Subject
Linear and Atmospheric Perspective in Landscape Painting

November 2013

Some Alternative Artists’ Painting Mediums
The Benefits of Painting Monochromatic Value Studies
Reducing the Use of Solvents in Oil Painting
John Constable: English Landscape Master and Plein Air Pioneer
What Are Masstone and Undertone in Artists’ Colors?

October 2013

What Is the Difference Between Student Grade and Artist Grade Paints?
George Inness: Poetic Painter of the American Landscape
Landscape Painting from Photographs vs. Painting from Life
The Domestic Interiors of Dutch Master Pieter de Hooch
How to Make a Simple Shadow Box for Painting Still Life
Alphonse Mucha: Art Nouveau and The Slav Epic
What are Drawing Problems vs. Painting Problems in Painting?
Who Were Some Famous Surrealist Artists?
Ultramarine Blue: Worth Its Weight in Gold

September 2013

Picasso’s Gurenica
Who Were Some Notable Still Life Painters?
What is a Split-Primary Palette?
How to Paint a Simple Still Life in Oils in Alla Prima Method
What is Attribution in Painting?
What are Complementary Colors?
Jan van Eyck – Early Master of Oil Painting
An Overview of Water-thinned Paints
Gilbert Stuart: Painter of Portraits and Presidents
Choosing and Using Black in Artists’ Paints

August 2013

Palette surfaces for oil painting
Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks
Who Were the Russian Painters Called The Wanderers?
What is the Rule of Thirds in Painting?
When Did Plein Air Painting Become Popular?
Palette Options for Watercolor and Gouache
Some Famous Baroque Painters
What is the Principle of Fat Over Lean in Oil Painting?
Who Were the Pre-Raphaelite Painters?
What are Hue, Value and Chroma in Painting?
Choosing and Using White in Artists’ Paints

July 2013

The Short Career of Vincent Van Gogh
How to Set Up a Still Life for Painting
What Is Pointillism?
Famous Impressionist Painters