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Category: Concept & Visual Dev.

  • Cameron Mousavi

    Cameron Mousavi is a freelance illustrator and visual development artist based in the Los Angeles area. Mousavi works in an appealingly naturalistic style, with the kind of feeling for texture and atmosphere that suggests experience in painting from life. I particularly like his drawings and architectural renderings.

  • Su Jian

    Su Jian is a concept artist based in Beijing, China and working in the film industry. Beyond that, I know little. I haven’t found an official website other than a presence on ArtStation, and that has no information on projects of companies worked for. Su Jian’s illustrations are sometimes in the vein of common concept…

  • Fred Augis

    Fred Augis is a concept artist and illustrator based in Rennes, France. His gaming credits include titles like Prey, Life is Strange, Remember Me and Strike Vector. His online example art includes character design, and in particular, numerous spacesuit designs. These range from realistically rendered to nicely graphic and gestural.

  • Norman Rockwell Santa

    And to All a Good Night, Norman Rockwell This image is sourced from an interesting 2015 Wired article on Rockwell’s photographic reference for this and a number of his other holiday themed paintings. As is often the case with Rockwell paintings, much of the charm for me is in the little touches — the position…

  • Alina Gizatoulin

    Alina Gizatoulin is a concept artist and designer living in Tel Aviv, Israel. She has a relaxed, cartoony illustration style, with muted color contrasts and subtle textures. Her illustrations of imaginary animals, people and things in between have an appealing visual charm.

  • Tianhua Xu

    Tianhua Xu is a concept artist, art director and production designer based in Beijing, China. His digital painting approach is nicely atmospheric and carries a flavor of painterly traditional media. That, and a nicely honed sense of visual drama give his visions of dragons, spirits, warriors and monsters a vibrant presence.