Jean-Pierre Gibrat

Jean-Pierre Gibrat, French comics artist, Flight of the Raven, bandes dessinées

Jean-Pierre Gibrat, French comics artist, Flight of the Raven and others, bandes dessinées

Jean-Pierre Gibrat is a French comics artist and writer noted for his graphic historical novels set during wartimes in France.

He gained the attention of American readers of European comics with the translated version of his 2002-2005 graphic novel, Flight of the Raven, set in Paris during the WWII occupation.

The book is beautiful, filled with lush evocations of Paris. Gibrat studied various locations in pen and watercolor before translating them into story backgrounds in his comics drawing style, which is also done in pen and watercolor. Gibrat is also noted for his appealing depictions of female characters, and his attention to the visual details of everyday life.

Flight of the Raven was preceded by a related story (but not a direct prequel) set in the same time period, The Reprive, and was followed with a three volume story, Mattéo. — also set against the backdrop of war, but further back in time, in this case WWI.

You can find a number of his books on Amazon, some translated into English, some in French and other language editions.

The Reprive and Flight of the Raven were published in multiple volumes in France (three and two volumes, respectively) but were combined into single titles in the English language versions. The three French volumes for Mattéo are apparently being translated individually; only one has been released so far, the second English language volume is due in November of 2019.

Though he is both the artist and writer for his current work, Gibrat’s history of comics art goes back further, through collaborations with Jackie Berroyer and other writers, and work in the French comics magazine Pilote.

As far as I can determine, Gibrat does not have an official website, so I’ll point you to what resources I can find. You can also just try a Google images search for “Jean-Pierre Gibrat“.

[Note: Some of Gibrat’s work is erotic in nature, particularly a graphic novel titled Pinocchia, and a search may turn up images that are NSFW.]


Heinrich Berann’s panoramic map paintings

Heinrich Berann's panoramic map paintings of US national parks

Heinrich Berann's panoramic map paintings of US national parks

Heinrich Caesar Berann was a painter and cartographer from the mountainous region of Tyrol, Austria.

In the latter part of the 20th century, he was commissioned by the U.S. National Park Service to create panoramic map paintings of several of our national parks. These are available online as fairly large images on Wikimedia Commons, at resolutions of roughly 3500 x 5000 pixels (about 8 to 10 MB file size).

I’ve posted an image and two detail crops of his painting of Yellowstone above. The bottom one is about maximum resolution of the image on Wikimedia.

The National Park Service has published super high resolution images of four of the paintings at more than twice that resolution and considerably bigger file size (roughly 100 MB).

Berann also did imaginative figurative paintings and more down to earth location drawings, which you can find on a website maintained by one of his grandsons.The site includes a list of all of Breann’s panoramas of locations in various countries on several continents.

(I previously featured a contemporary artist, James Niehues, who applies a similar approach to images of ski and golf resorts.)

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Sotheby’s 19th Century European Paintings auction, July, 2019

Sotheby's 19th Century European Paintings auction, July, 2019, Joaquin Sorolla

Sotheby's 19th Century European Paintings auction, July, 2019,

I’ve mentioned in the past that high-end auction sites, like Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Bonham’s often have online auction previews that feature nice large images of museum quality artworks (as do their listings for past auctions.)

The upcoming 19th Century European Paintings auction at Sotheby’s for July 9, 2019 is a case in point, and features works by a number of notable artists.

(Images above: Joaquín Sorolla, Emilio Sánchez-Perrier, Gustav Adolf Mossa, Gustave Courbet, Jean-Léon Gérôme, William Koekkoek, Willem Bastiaan Tholen, Eugéne Galien-Laloue)


Avant Choi

Avant Choi, concept art and illustration

Avant Choi, concept art and illustration

Avant Choi is a concept artist and illustrator based in South Korea and working in the gaming industry. Beyond that, there is little background information on the artist’s ArtStation or Instagram presence.

Choi’s environments, particularly those labeled as personal projects, are often whimsical, imaginative and brightly colored, in contrast to the often dark and dour look of much contemporary concept art.


James Gurney’s Unconventional Oil Techniques

James Gurney's Unconventional Oil Techniques, instructional oil painting video

ames Gurney's Unconventional Oil Techniques, instructional oil painting video

Unconventional Oil Techniques is the latest in a series of instructional painting videos by artist and author James Gurney.

While the majority of his previous videos have dealt with various water based media: gouache, casein and watercolor, after numerous requests, this one is devoted to oil painting.

It should be pointed out, though, that this is not an introductory video, but rather a collection of tips and techniques for those who already have some experience with oil painting. (Not that the tips wouldn’t be useful to a beginner, but that’s not the focus here.)

Unlike most of Gurney’s other videos, which go through a fairly complete process of painting a series of paintings in a particular medium — usually 5 or 6 paintings — in which process is discussed; the format here is different: highlights from painting three works, punctuated with a series of short, direct demonstrations of particular techniques. These are usually simplified by using black and white paint, followed by the application of the techniques in color on the actual paintings.

The paintings happen to be dinosaur illustrations Gurney recently did for various publications, but the techniques are general and easily applicable to other subjects.

He uses the paintings as a springboard for discussing a variety of oil techniques that are not as often highlighted in most oil painting videos. These include: using gouache to do preliminary color studies for oil paintings, sealing pencil sketches on paper with acrylic mat medium for painting over in oil, painting thin and thick passages in coordination, making various kinds of brush marks by dragging, scrubbing, rolling and tapping the brush, using a painting knife on edge as well as on flat, pre-texturing with modeling paste, and splaying the bristles of brushes for pouncing and stippling. There are eleven techniques in all.

You can see a preview of several by searching Gurney’s blog for “UnconventionalOil Techniques“.

I’ve pointed out that several of Gurney’s previous instructional videos give the feeling that you’ve chanced on him while plein air painting and he is being generous with describing his process while he works. In Unconventional Oil Techniques, the feeling is that you’ve signed up for a limited attendance workshop in advanced oil painting, and discover to your delight that Gurney is the instructor.

The video is 90 minutes, and is $17.95 as a digital download through Gumroad or Sellfy, or $24.50 on DVD through Kunaki.