Eye Candy for Today: M.C. Escher’s Hand with Reflecting Sphere

Hand with Reflecting Sphere, M.C. Escher
Hand with Reflecting Sphere, M.C. Escher

From the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

Too often, Escher’s skills as a draftsman and printmaker are overshadowed by his brain-twisting themes. This one, though still weird and cool, is more straightforward than some.

Apparently drawn from life, with the difficult spherical perspective, it features the common cheat in artists’ self-portraits in which the drawing/painting hand is made up — positioned close to, but not exactly in the position is was actually in while creating the piece.

New improved blog list (well, updated anyway)

From the Lines and Colors blogroll: John Macdonald Aiken, Ivan Generalic, Duane Keiser, Hans Versfelt , William J Aylward, Bob Eggleton, Kazu Kibuishi, Jacob Stålhamma, Elanor Kish, Mark Hess
In the left hand column of this blog, about halfway down, under the long lists of categories and the longer list of archives, is a list of links under the heading “Relevant Blogs”.

This has long been ignored, both unduly so by myself, and perhaps rightly so by those who have clicked on many of the links only to find they were out of date, broken or otherwise less than useful.

In response to a little recent pestering by a couple of readers (to whom my thanks go out for bringing it up into my field of attention), I squeezed out some time over the past few weeks to weed out the dead links, blogs that have not been updated for a year or more and less interesting destinations that were left over from years ago when the pickings were slimmer.

I’ve also included a number of fresh new destinations, to which I will continue to add.

The list is divided into generalized categories of blogs (which I may also eventually refine a bit) that hopefully make it a little easier to browse.

It may not look like much — it’s just a list of links — but as I’ve tried to demonstrate with a few examples above, there are treasures to be found.

Images above, from the blog list categories:

“Art, Painting & Sketch”: John Macdonald Aiken from Underpaintings and Ivan Generalic from Art Inconnu

“Painting a Day”: Duane Keiser

“Other Painting Blogs”: Hans Versfelt

“Illustration”: William J Aylward from 100 Years of Illustration and Design

“Sci-Fi & Fantasy”: Bob Eggleton

“Comics & Cartoons”: Kazu Kibuishi

“Animation & Concept”: Jacob Stålhammar from Animation Blog and Peggy Chung from Concept Art World

“Paleo & Scientific”: Elanor Kish from Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs

“Tools & Techniques”: Mark Hess from The Tools Artists Use

Considering that many of these blogs are in themselves both extensive resources and jumping off points for even more great sources of art, I’ll issue my Major Timesink Warning should you choose to jump down any or all of these rabbit holes.


The Tools Artists Use

The Tools Artists Use
The Tools Artists Use is a blog maintained by Bill Turner in which he poses a set of questions (the same set) to a number of artists — asking about their choice of drawing and painting tools, both traditional and digital, as well as supports, sketchbooks and the like.

The questions and replies are posted along with three or four examples of work by the artist, and at times, with photos of some of the tools. The chosen artists run a gamut of styles and approaches, though most tend to work in the vein of line and color fill, using pens, markers, watermedia and similar digital approaches.

Several are artists I have featured on Lines and Colors.

The posts are appended with links to the artists’ websites or blogs as well as links for the tools and materials mentioned by the artist. These lead to pages listing other posts by artists who use the same item, and links to the manufacturer or to the product on Dick Blick or Amazon.

The site was on hiatus for a couple of years, but has recently resumed with new posts.

There is a list of all interviews and a word cloud of the tools and materials. There is also an about page with info on the origin and purpose of the site.

(Images above: Lisa Hanawalt [in context], Patrick Vale, Aurélie Neyret, Yuta Onoda, Jana Bouc, Mattias Adolfsson, Gabi Campanario [with tools])

Readers and writers blog

A tip of the hat to Sid Leavitt for his complimentary review of lines and colors on Readers and writers blog. Overseen by Leavitt, Readers and writers blog is devoted to hosting experimental writing and seeking out and highlighting good writing in the blogosphere.

His reviews of other blogs can lead to an interesting cross-section of that sphere, covering a wide variety of topics, but with a common thread of good writing. He is fond of The Dilbert Blog, for example, not because he is an avid fan of the strip (he’s not), but because the blog itself is entertaining and well written, something I probably wouldn’t have discovered without Leavitt’s review.

In addition to the featured writing and reviews of other blogs, there is a slowly growing blogroll of well-written blogs.