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Linda BergkvistLinda Bergkvist’s fantasy images lean toward dark gothic-fairytale subject matter. Elaborately dressed elves and fairies inhabit her misty forests. She works digitally and her images are beautifully rendered in Painter and Photoshop. In addition to her finished pieces there are tutorials on the site, as well as sketches and short comics.

Her work is featured in the Exposé series of digital art showcase books from Ballistic Publishing. She is also a co-author of D’Artiste: Digital Painting from Ballistic. Here is an article about her on the Ballistic site. You can also find more of her work on the CGSociety site, mostly in the 2D forums. There is also a Linda Bergkvist gellery on the site.

The site contains images suggestive of violence, sexuality and blurred gender lines. Avoid it if you’re likely to be offended.



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  1. For whatever reason, Linda’s beautifully rendered images and the fact that she works digitally (exclusively?) has gotten me thinking about Plein Aire digital painting.

    The gear should be at least as portable as traditional outdoors media, and easier to setup/takedown. I think all that’s required is a laptop (the very definition of portability), a Wacom tablet, and optionally a mousepad. Work could be done seated, or if standing is preferred, a tripod-mountable platform for all the equipment could be constructed in an hour.

    Battery life is a limitation (but then if you need more than 4-6 hours for your plein aire piece, you’re probably doing it wrong), and glare/reflection on the screen would be a big issue. To a lesser degree this is also a problem with traditional media outdoors, and artists have been working around it for hundreds of years. Also, once you’re back home, global adjustments, say in value, are 1-click operations digitally.

    One other possible advantage: somebody hunched over a laptop is likely to draw less attention from curious passersby than would an obvious artist in front of a fully decked-out french easel.

  2. I agree. Ever since I became interested in digital art (10 years ago), I’ve wanted the equivalent of a portble Wacom Cintique – a digital drawing and painting tablet loaded with Fractal (now Corel) Painter. The tablet PCs are moving in the right direction but are still bulky and I really want one with a Mac OS so I can use my current software.

    There is an interesting app called Alias Sketchbook Pro specifically designed for drawing/painting on a tablet PC.

  3. Linda Bergkvist prints are available from

  4. i like this pic

  5. i love this picture!!!!

  6. painter Avatar

    It’s a copy.Only a face of a girl,the background and maybe a tree are done by herself,look at this:

  7. Me encanta admirar este tipo de obras en el papel.
    Considero que esta ilustración es maravillosamente triste.
    Miss Linda Bergkvist is the light of my inspiration to
    my poems.
    Thank you.
    Rodrigo Orellana G.

  8. h0w sweet….

  9. Sara Cash Avatar
    Sara Cash

    I love this kind of art work. It tells a story to me. .it’s like we all have those days where we tend to slip into the darkness inside of ourselves. .its beautiful that some one can capture emotion through art

  10. Rob Korsty Avatar
    Rob Korsty

    Isn’t most of her work plagiarism? I remember some controversy occurred when she was called out on this in a few forums. She still has yet to respond to these accusations, which pretty much seals the deal for me on whether or not she’s truthful about her methods. That and the evidence was blatant to say the least.

    1. I haven’t followed the controversy, so I’m not in a position to comment on it, but I wouldn’t assume lack of comment on her part is an acknowledgement that the accusations are accurate.